Business Process Optimization

BusinessProcessImage1business process is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers. Successful contact centers depend on clear and effective business processes to deliver customer service that enhances their market position and retains and grows their customer base. Contact Center managers continually need to evaluate the relevance of existing business processes and adapt to changes in the customer landscape. If your contact center representatives are to be truly empowered to deliver the kind of exceptional service that your customers expect, the processes that support your front-line service delivery must be “rock solid.”

While technology will continue to play a growing role in contact centers, technology alone cannot replace the customer-driven and financially sound processes that determine how your services are delivered to your customers. Business Process Optimization focuses on those proactive initiatives that integrate the investments your organization has made in staff and technology. Today’s Omni-channel contact centers require even greater diligence to ensured appropriate processes are defined, tested across all channels and understood by your customers and, more importantly, to your customer facing representatives. Redundant, disjointed and complex processes can quickly turn a profitable customer into a defector and potential customers into a competitive loss.
Some relevant examples of broken contact center processes that can devastate your business include but, certainly are not limited to:

  • Incorrectly routed calls
  • Blended routing of voice interactions and emails
  • Complicated IVR menus and self-service applications
  • Redundant and/or complex customer validation
  • New customer account set-up
  • Non-Standard customer requests
  • Deviation in normal delivery schedule or shipping criteria
  • Caller’s account on credit hold
  • Customer complaint and escalation
  • CRM and case management documentation

The simple diagram below highlights the key components of an effective approach to maintaining the effectiveness and relevance of your business processes. As the diagram suggests, this effort should be treated as an on-going cycle to evaluate and optimize all of the processes that enable the services provided by your contact center. This modeled approach drives a clarity and purpose to all processes that support your contact center services, and the CSRs who deliver them.


Contact Center 411 consultants are skilled and experienced in analyzing the effectiveness of your existing customer service and sales processes and practiced in the art and science of optimizing them. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and learn how Contact Center 411 can help ensure that your processes are delivering the desired results.