• Optimizing Technology Through Business Process Analysis Contact Center 411’s analysis will identify missing or broken contact center processes. Our optimization efforts focus on these processes that integrate the investments you already have in staff and technology.
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    Optimizing Technology Through Business Process Analysis
  • Consolidation Opportunity Assessment Consolidation Opportunity Assessment Typical savings realized in a consolidation program, whether physical or virtual, can range from 10 to 20 percent of a client’s total customer service operating budget.
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  • Staying Current How do you keep up with the changing demands required of your contact center? Contact Centers must deftly navigate the changing tides………..and exceed expectations while doing so
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    Staying Current

Optimizing Your Contact Center Potential


We are a team of seasoned contact center management professionals, each with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The depth and breadth of our expertise translate to successful solutions for our client organizations.


We support the full spectrum of contact center tools from legacy platforms to the latest in technologies and communications channels. Using our diversified knowledge and history in the industry, we deliver innovative, customized solutions.


We partner with our clients to leverage their existing internal staff’s knowledge and capabilities and keep the consulting staff on a project small. We find this keeps costs low and helps the client build new competencies along the way.

Full Service Consulting

Our consultants support all aspects of contact center operations and customer service. We provide expertise in all key areas that drive the success of a customer contact operation including performance and productivity improvement, technology innovation and platform integration, outsourcing strategies, and business continuity planning. Furthermore, we can support your contact center operations teams in the full design, development, deployment and measurement of success associated with any strategic initiative.


Ask the Expert

We are pleased to offer prospective clients a complimentary thirty minute phone consultation with one of our experts to discuss any challenges you are facing within your Center. Whether it be Operations, Technology, Labor Relations, Process Improvement, Metrics, Outsourcing, or any other related topic, click on the button below to schedule a session.


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