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Metrics & Measurements

Metrics in Contact Centers

We have all heard the phrase “What gets measured gets done.” Whoever said this probably never managed a contact center. Since the inception of call centers, one of their defining attributes has been that everything is measured. Various systems provide dozens of metrics which can make it difficult to know which are the most important. The challenge is not measuring activity and performance; it is understanding which metrics to focus on and manage to.
Leaders of today’s contact centers can probably name ten different technologies running in their operations. Each of these systems is capable of providing dozens of metrics independently. The challenge of identifying the right metrics is greater than ever before, and is critical because we know what is managed effectively gets done and done well.

Monitor Your Metrics

Once you have identified these metrics, it is important to give them the right level of visibility to those best positioned to influence their outcomes. Furthermore, ensuring alignment of metrics at all levels of the organization is critical, both in terms of identifying individual metrics that drive organization metrics and aligning the targets or expectations.
Contact Center 411 can support you in doing a metrics check-up confirm they are really providing the best picture of your center’s performance and enabling you to effect continuous improvement. If you have added new channels, technology, or other capabilities to your contact center without re-evaluating your entire scorecard holistically, it is definitely time to do so.

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