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Optimizing Technology through Business Process Analysis

New technology will not accomplish the desired results if you
don’t have the appropriate processes in place!

Considering some of the latest technology to improve contact center efficiency and performance? Before investing in new technology products it would be wise to determine whether you are maximizing utilization of the tools you have in place. Technologies running your contact centers must help you achieve service related objectives. Most contact centers are already heavily invested in technology and staff.

Poor workflow and procedures do not magically improve with some new Tech!

Processes integrate technology and resources

the binding threads often overlooked are “processes” that weave your technology into the business services you are providing

Do your procedures require certain behaviors from customers just to accommodate your process, or technology limitations? Is your technology frustrating customers? Where should you invest dollars and resources to improve the customer experience? Are customers demanding more information and service options than your current capability can support?

The processes define success or failure…

Is your current technology adequately utilized?

Technology must support your tactical service objectives. Is your contact center utilizing the full capability of the technology that exists? Our optimization efforts focus on the business processes that integrate the investments you already have in staff and technology. Are both sides of this equation working in concert to provide the customer experience today’s consumers expect?

Contact Center 411 can analyze current operations and provide assurances that you are maximizing customer experience with the technology in place today. Additionally, we can partner with your team in developing requirements, product selection and implementation of new technologies.

Contact Center 411 is a “vendor neutral” consulting practice. We do not have any “agreements” with particular vendors nor do we ever promote one particular solution. While we routinely pursue and recommend various technology and services options for our clients, these efforts are based solely upon client specific business requirements for each and every engagement. We do stay abreast of technology trends and product offerings impacting the contact center industry. Therefore we like to post various news items, events, or links to articles that we feel may be of interest to our clients and the contact center industry at large. The fact that we may post an item mentioning a particular vendor should at no time be construed as a recommendation or endorsement on behalf of Contact Center 411. Should you have questions about any particular technology or vendor specific solution for your contact center needs, please feel free to contact us directly at:

800-398-1980 or

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