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Outsource Advising

Is outsourcing a viable option for your organization?

What are the advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing? Can you outsource a portion of your transactions and achieve the desired results? These and many other questions surface when the subject of outsourcing is discussed within any company.

Recognizing the Risks

Exploring the opportunities that outsourcing provides for an organization has been compared to entering a mine field without armor unless you have extensive expertise to guide you through the evaluation and decision making process. Our first goal is ensure you are exploring this concept with the correct risk assessment and financial realities. The numbers of times that organizations have made this decision to outsource and have done so without proper guidance and failed are numerous.

Making the Right Decision
the First Time

Our team of professionals has counseled clients through the analysis necessary to make the right decisions the “first” time. Organizations often fail at their initiatives because of poorly constructed RFP’s, ineffective vendor evaluations, poor contract negotiations without the correct service level agreements, and the lack of well-managed implementations to onboard service providers. This can result in a loss of customer base almost overnight, requiring a company to re-establish their own in-house contact centers at a premium expense.
Asking the Right Questions​

We ask the right questions of senior management to uncover what the true needs of the organization
are. Is this strictly cost reduction related? Is it dissatisfaction with the operation of their current contact
centers? Is it a need to provide additional business continuity protection without the expense of
opening new centers? Is it the desire to provide off peak coverage more effectively?

When these questions are answered and the proper analysis is conducted, we are then ready to work with the client in a variety of capacities including:

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