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Who We Are

Meet Our Experts

The Partners of Contact Center 411 are recognized leaders in customer contact operations who have
experience applying our knowledge and skills in a variety of environments across multiple industries. We
are a collection of professionals who have walked many miles in your shoes as a contact center leader.

We are people who are passionate about customer service. We have carried that passion along with our
history on the front line and sought out the experience, training, and education necessary to develop
efficient processes and implement technology effectively. We are able to bring those together as
broader solutions enabling optimal customer experiences to be repeatable among large groups of
agents within your organizations.

Well Versed in Best Practices

We are well-versed in best practices and have developed many. We also know that some of our best
solutions have come when we identify alternatives that are “right” for our client. This capability comes
from working in a variety of environments across multiple industries while applying a level of creative
nuance to fit each unique situation.

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