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What Sets Us Apart

Your Project is in the Hands of Someone With More than 20 Years of Proven, Successful Experience

Because our partners and other consultants have built our careers in contact center management, we understand the complex set of challenges facing contact center leaders. Our deep expertise equates to well-placed and solidly implemented solutions that bring success to our clients. Our highly qualified team possesses extensive contact center expertise both internally, including senior-level leadership roles in large and multi-site operations, as well as externally as consultants. Collectively, we have faced almost every customer service challenge. Our work with multiple Fortune 500 client companies across several vertical markets as well as the public sector has honed our understanding of the nuances of almost every industry. This breadth of experience translates into proven results for our clients.

Building Capabilities Within Organizations as We Work

Rather than bring a large team including junior resources to oversee and execute all aspects of your projects, we identify the exact skills, competencies and number of hands required to augment and partner with existing client staff, creating the optimal team to meet the demands of your project initiative. We find that this keeps our clients’ costs low while delivering a solution that leverages internal expertise to ensure it meets the unique needs of your business. At the same time, we strive to mentor and share knowledge and tools with your staff to build long-term capabilities within your organization for repeating project success.

Consistency and Ownership from Start to Finish.

One of the partners of Contact Center 411 will remain involved in your project from start to finish. Rather than utilizing a sales staff, the same Contact Center 411 partners and associated consultants that typically execute client projects are involved in the assessment, scoping, and contracting process for all new projects. This ensures clarity of our capabilities when project commitments are being made and statements of work are being developed. On most projects with multiple consultants working, one of our partners will be actively engaged. However, if there are projects or phases of a project where that is not the case, a partner will monitor the project to ensure quality and remain knowledgeable. This partner will be accessible to you to discuss the project whenever necessary.

A Virtual Organization Providing Accessibility to Our Clients

We are a virtual organization with partners and associated consultants located throughout the United States.  Because of the nature of our multi-national clients, our team members have routinely worked at client locations around the globe.  With this kind of experience, we are extremely sensitive to the cultural differences and nuances of various countries.  This type of experience contributes greatly to our successes.

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