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Contact Center 411’s depth and breadth of experience affords us a robust palette of services solutions. We can and will take on just about any challenge your contact center is facing and are confident that together we can and will find the right answer for your business situation. We are continuously mindful of cost/benefit value parameters and will craft a solution that delivers both the quality of customer experience and the cost-effectiveness that you are looking for. Our consultants have lived through or seen it all and have the hard-earned arsenal of lessons learned that is necessary to do it right the first time. We can help your team understand how to avoid project potholes and missteps using proven methodologies that can be reused as your customer or business needs change. Following are just a few of the types of projects that we have successfully delivered for companies just like yours. They will give you a flavor of the kind of work that we have done, but please don’t feel limited in any way by these. If you’ve reached an impasse in a situation where you think you could use our expertise, guidance or additional experience, please contact us and we can show you how we would approach your business problem. Many of our clients have chosen to start with a brief focused assessment and opportunity analysis to get clearer direction on where they should begin. We can see what’s best for your business situation when we talk.



The “assessment” approach is a time proven and cost effective method utilized prior to the start of projects […]


Staying Current

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Basic Operations

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Metric Driven Customer Support Initiatives

There is a treasure trove of information lying just below the surface of your contact center’s report data. […]


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Social Media

The explosive adoption and skyrocketing volume of social media activity in recent years has literally created a communications […]