Workforce Management

Happy Male Customer Service Representative Using Headphones

Workforce Management (WFM) is probably the single greatest operational challenge facing most Contact Center leaders. When WFM is executed well:

  • Contact centers meet or exceed their service levels for all channels are acceptable
  • Customer Service Representatives are busy but not burned out
  • Cost per call is stable and meets budget requirements
  • Staff recruitment needs are accurately forecasted

On the contrary, if the Workforce Management process is flawed any and all of the above statements may be untrue and the business is under increasing strain while trying to play catch up.   Contact Center 411 understands how the links in this complex chain interact and, more importantly, how each component contributes to a sound, measurable and effective process.

Our Approach is based on a four-pronged process:

  • Discovery: Observe dynamic intraday processes and long term forecasting and staffing methods; collect and review summary and intraday reports; review call types and agent skill information
  • Analysis: Assess historical effectiveness; identify trends; verify the validity of data sources; evaluate WFM tool use across all staff; identification of gaps in overall WFM process.
  • Recommendations: Develop clear and actionable opportunities for improvement, including: true call handling requirements based on call type; any required non-call work activities that may be handled within the center; any changes to call types, skills and queues; and WFM tool recommendations, where necessary; prioritize opportunities.
  • Implementation: Manage and support the execution of the prioritized recommendations.

Our Methodology relies heavily on the direct observations of our experienced consultants as well as on input obtained from staff in interviews and focus groups. Supervisors and CSRs themselves are responsible for schedule adherence. Their feedback on how the scheduling process works – and their perception of fairness – are vital to a successful WFM program. Additionally, our approach closely examines data that points to areas where root causes – such as poor adherence, lack of supervision, problematic escalation processes and flawed historical reports – may be contributing to service delays, longer talk times and caller dissatisfaction.

At Contact Center 411 we have the analytical skills, the technology knowledge and the hands-on experience to find pragmatic and effective solutions to your Contact Center’s workforce management issues.