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Welcome to my customer experience blog. Here I write about the kind of experiences we all have as customers every day. Some of them are good, some are bad. Regardless of that, there’s always a lesson to be learned…either from what an organization did that resulted in a good experience, or what they could have done to prevent a bad one. This can be a good source of tips for a customer service or contact center manager, or just something fun to read. Feel free to comment on the posts or even post your own customer service stories and I can respond with some “lessons learned” from those. Give as many details as you want…but please keep in mind that as a rule, I only publish the company name if the story is positive. However, in the case of negative stories, it’s helpful for me to know who the company is. I always try to alert customer service managers in those companies of the stories so they can be aware of what their customers are saying. Brian Golden, Contact Center 411