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Contact Center 411 Emerges in Consulting Field

Phoenix, AZ – August 1, 2011 Contact Center 411, a tailored and comprehensive resource for all customer‐service needs, today announced its launch. Partnered by Industry experts Noel Colaco, Brian Golden, Kirby McLennan, David Raia, and Elliott Winit, the company aims to provide high value while mentoring and sharing knowledge and tools to build longterm capabilities for repeated project success.

From the unique needs of cloud computing to social media, Contact Center 411 combines a distinctive approach of modern demands and traditional needs while enabling clients to effectively manage customer traffic and optimize customer experience. Co‐founder Elliott Winit stated, “We help clients improve or restructure their contact center operations and that helps their bottom line. When I’m talking to someone about their operation, I’ve walked many miles in their shoes. We have extensive experience running contact centers and we absolutely understand and relate to the challenges they face today.”

Contact Center 411 provides several unique advantages including:

Industry Experience – Each of the Partners at Contact Center 411 have been active in the industry for more than 20 years. The Company provides expertise in all critical areas including workforce management, performance management and metrics, telephony
architecture, training, quality management, business continuity planning, technology innovation and platform integration, productivity improvement, quality management, multi‐channel integration, expansion/consolidation and project management for strategic initiatives.

Best Practices – Providing consistency and ownership from start to finish, a Contact Center 411 partner will remain involved in each project. The Company has developed comprehensive Best Practices and applies them uniquely for each client to ensure successful implementation every time.

Outsource/Insource Advising – Well versed on the pros and cons of outsourcing, the Company can guide or lead client efforts to examine the options, negotiate with vendors, and implement successfully while avoiding pitfalls.

Vendor/Solution Neutral – Honoring each client’s unique needs, Contact Center 411 focuses on the services provided, business processes, the underlying technology and business objectives. Only then can appropriate and successful solutions be crafted.

Interim Leadership/Management ‐ Businesses often find themselves without operational management during various transition events. Contact Center 411 provides on‐site senior management professionals to bridge this gap.

About Contact Center 411:
Contact Center 411 is a leader in customer contact operations with experience applying knowledge and skills in a variety of environments across multiple industries. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona the Company works with clients globally across all
market segments.