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Ann Rybowiak

Ann Rybowiak

Ann Rybowiak has over 20 years of instructional design experience. Her experience covers corporate training, military and government contracts, and educational institutions. She has worked in a variety of industries such as healthcare, military management, electronics, hardware, software, internet, security, education, auto, and entertainment. She has experience designing for instructor-led courses, Webinars, web-based training, computer-based training, web-based educational games, and offline workbooks. She also has experience in Human Resources, specifically in the areas of compensation analysis, training, and HRIS.

Ann’s key competencies are creating effective instructional materials and training plans to help clients achieve desired strategic goals.

Key Competencies

  • Instructional needs assessment
  • Analysis of instructional objectives and needed competencies
  • Subject matter expert relationship management
  • Design and development of instructional materials and courses
  • Editing
  • Website planning and maintenance
  • Project management
  • Training delivery
  • Assessment design

Ann has a Master’s of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Diego State University. Her many contacts in the instructional design field help her stay in touch with developments in the industry. She enjoys spending time at the tennis court and baseball field with her son and husband, in addition to attending at her son’s rock band concerts. She is board member of the Solana Beach Foundation for Learning. Volunteer service is important to her family, and they participate in KidsKorps service activities whenever possible.

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