Metric Driven Customer Support Initiatives

There is a treasure trove of information lying just below the surface of your contact center’s report data. The key to unlocking it is just a little know-how and imagination. Contact center managers can become so embroiled in the standard customer service center numbers games that they lose sight of the true potential of what they are looking at. Shaving off a few seconds of average handle time (AHT) or pumping up utilization may pale in a value comparison to improving first contact resolution. Further, by overplaying the productivity card, they may, in fact, be driving unwanted behavioral changes. People will always give you what you measure and contact center agents quickly become adept at working the numbers. The trick is to measure the right stuff. We’ve all seen AHT shrink while repeat calls rise and customer satisfaction withers. It’s hard to accept that seemingly successful efforts in some areas we may be the very cause of those unwanted results.

While Contact Center 411’s team of experienced contact center specialists can help your team measure “the right stuff”, we believe that management of productivity metrics is just the beginning. Once those are identified and put in place, they become maintenance items and the real work of metric-driven customer support begins.