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Consolidation Opportunity Assessment

Customer sales and service contact centers have long been recognized as key enablers to an enterprise’s
customer retention and revenue growth strategies.

In many growth organizations, new contact centers have arisen for each line of business, operational function, or new venture. Often new centers are established with little thought as to their fit and function within the enterprise, or without consideration of possible redundancies which may have been eliminated, or economies of scale which might have been achieved through integrated planning. The unfortunate result for many companies has been wasted resources.

We execute an analytical and systematic approach that allows clients to realize significant operating cost savings in their enterprise contact centers. Typical savings realized in a consolidation program, whether physical or virtual, may range from 10 to 20 percent of a client’s total customer service operating budget.

Contact Center Consolidation focuses on the economies of scale achievable in three primary areas:

The Core of this Approach

The core of this approach is the Consolidation Opportunity Assessment (COA) where we identify and measure the financial and operating performance levels of clients’ multiple centers versus financial operating benchmarks (e.g., burdened agent salaries, lease rates, technologies, etc.). This assessment yields an objective baseline of clients’ current operating environments and allows us to develop action plans that target personnel resources, potential technology enhancements, and facilities-related issues.

We incorporate the financial impacts of these action plans into a consolidation business case that provides the foundation for future initiatives, allowing the client to realistically forecast the financial benefits of the consolidation as well as systematically track and measure the success, in terms of key financial and other metrics, of each initiative associated with the consolidation.

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