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The Executive Leadership Guide
to Contact Centers

It has often been said the Customer Contact Center is the “Front Door” to a Company and as such should be as welcoming and
inviting as you can make it.

In most cases, your contact center team will hold the longest sustained relationships with your customers and, as such, is your company. But, as an executive in a company with many responsibilities, you are all too often consumed with running the business that you lack sufficient understanding of how your contact center works or how you can support your contact center management team. Typically, you only see budget requests and high-level performance reports, giving you an idea of how well the center is doing. However, do you really know how it actually works or how significantly it affects your bottom line and fits into your business strategies?

Contact Center 411 offers customized “Executive Training/Development” services to the leadership executive who is ultimately responsible for the Contact Center function. Based on an introductory interview with the Executive, we will develop the training to specifically address the needs of the individual.

The curriculum equips the executive with a functional understanding of important contact center management topics:

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and let us develop a customized program with you to not only ensure confidence in your oversight of the Contact Center function but to also ensure it operates at maximum efficiency and meets the needs of your business.

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