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Virtual Contact Centers

Office centric operations no longer the norm! As the world gradually transitions to post-pandemic work societies, contact centers are “re-imagining” their infrastructure models.

The unprecedented changes forced upon us in early 2020 had many reverberations, both good and bad. Remote workers, or Work from Home (WFH) agents became the new normal and contact centers quickly led the charge. The ability to support WFH was certainly not new to our industry, but the sheer volume and urgency to deploy, initially wreaked havoc in many operations. As the period extended, most companies found solid footing again and began to embrace the new management requirements for a largely remote workforce. Today many industries are addressing the question of whether to return to the high cost overhead of centralized office environments.

Hybrid infrastructure models attracting many
followers in the contact center industry…

Reduced cost and expanded geo-labor pools prompt serious consideration by industry leaders as they envision the new operational models for their companies. Maintaining an office presence makes sense for many contact centers, albeit a smaller footprint when you can leave a sizeable portion of staff working remote. Protecting a portion of your volume with outsourcing can be a viable option for some. A common and very important theme has surfaced among most contact centers and that is the need for periodic office time for all. We humans need interpersonal contact on a most basic level. Additionally, maintaining a centralized in-person environment to train and nurture new-hires will prove invaluable to their gaining proficiency as quickly as possible.

A new operating model for the future

Contact Center 411 has assisted many clients with planning/implementation for growth, contraction, site selection and remote deployments. We were on the ground assisting clients with their rapid push to remote operating models during the pandemic. The extensive knowledge we have acquired may prove highly beneficial as your organization is addressing the various options of a new operating model for the future.

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